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With your WooEB Advertising Campaign you can begin a Banner Advertising campaign for as little as $3.00 for a 20 click package. Members are also offered the ability to set up their own WooEB Wallet, enabling them to use their Advertising Campaign Credits for any service offered on WooEB. Accounts that are set up with an initial deposit of $250.00 US will receive additional credits for their Advertising Campaigns. Your credits can be used to purchase any of the WooEB Services offered on the site. The more you deposit in your WooEB Wallet, the more credits you will receive as a free bonus.





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  • WooEB Advertising lets you show ads for your business on the WooEB portal and TransWorldNews advertising network.

  • Banner ads come in 3 sizes Leader Board 728x90, Skyscaper 160x600 and our Large Panel Ad box 300x250.

  • Have your Business ads displayed in front of millions. Banner ad campaigns start at $3.00.


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