Pay Per Click Plans and Pricing

Pay-Per-Click Plans and Pricing


WooEB offers these Pay-Per-Click services:


Pay Per Click Online Advertising Plans on WooEB bring ppc keyword bidding to our members so they can display their ads in top search results based on bids. WooEB offers a variety of plans that consist of search results with ad box results that display in the right columns and directory search results that appear across the top of the web search result page.


Pay Per Click Online Advertising plans on WooEB are offered on an individual keyword or phrase bidding basis . Pay Per Click advertising campaigns only pay when the ad is clicked on and the visitor goes to the members site. WooEB also offers monthly ad campigns for fixed rates.


Pay Per Click advertising on WooEB can be created in minutes. Members make a deposit via their credit card and their credits are drawn down when visitors click on their pay per click ad from search results.





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Pay Per Click Plans and Pricing


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